A/V Notifications Screen

This screen allows for setting of audio and video notifications for a New Contact, New Agent Message, New Contact Reply, and End Chat or Call.

New Contact - Triggered when a new Phone, Email, Chat, SMS, Work Item, or Voicemail is delivered.

New Agent Message - Triggered when a new message arrives either from an administrator or a call flow.

New Contact Reply - Triggered when a new Chat is received.

End Chat or Call - Triggered when a Phone Call or Chat is ended.


Toggle Audio and Video On/Off

The Audio and Visual toggle buttons will enable or disable notifications for the specific notification type.  For the New Contact notification type, specific contact types can be turned on ( green ) or off ( red ).


Play Notification Tone

Select any of the 10 audio tones for the specific notification type.  The green play button will sample the tone.


Send test notification

Send a test Windows notification by pressing the Send Notification button.  This is good for testing because there are many security settings on Windows and browsers that will prevent notifications from being sent.