SiX License Console

The Skybox integrated eXperience (SiX) comes with a License Console to provide a way to manage licenses with the product.

Access the Six License Console

Element Details
Business Unit (1)

The Business Unit number and name attached to license.

License Count (2)

Total allowed active users for this Business Unit.

Modify Total Licenses Button (3)

Launches a screen to adjust the total amount of licenses for the Business Unit.

Log Out Button (4)

Logs the user out of the License Application.

Active License Members (5)

All users that have been assigned a license and have access to the SiX Agent.

Admin Flag (6)

All users with the Admin flag checked have access to log in to the License Application.

Can Grant Flag (7)

All users with the Can Grant flag checked have access to give other users Admin privileges.

Add License Users Button (8)

Launches the Add License Users screen.

Remove License User Button (9)

Removes a user from an active license.

Filter License User Search (10)

Filters users based on search criteria.