ServiceNow integrated eXperience

Integrate your ServiceNow service desk with the NICE CXone Contact Center seamlessly.

Learn how to configure your ServiceNow instance with the SiX Embedded Agent

The ServiceNow integrated eXperience integrates seamlessly into ServiceNow so your agents can work efficiently without having to navigate between ServiceNow and the NICE CXone platform.  The integrated agent contains much of the same functionality found in MAX Power Agent with an easy to use compact user interface.  Now agents can store NICE CXone data directly in ServiceNow from any call for easy reporting and call history tracking.  Navigate agents directly to the correct ServiceNow screen on inbound calls and add easy click to call functionality for outbound calls from any ServiceNow form.

Use Calendly to Book a Demo

Already have a meeting? Book the resource first, then add the resource to your already existing meeting. We will join the meeting at the time that's booked in Calendly.


  • Manage all contacts from within ServiceNow

  • Transfer and Conference calls

  • Link CXone data to ServiceNow objects

  • Disposition all contacts

  • See status of agents on your team

  • Handle emails and chat

  • See queue statistics for skills

Want to see it in action?

SiX CXone Embedded Agent
for ServiceNow

ServiceNow CXone
CTI Chat Demo

SiX CXone Embedded Agent
for ServiceNow
Agent Workspace

ServiceNow Interactions CXone CTI

Integrated Contact Control

Handle all of your contact interaction from a single spot

  • Run agent from inside ServiceNow
  • Phone, Voicemail, Chat, Workitems, and Email
  • Call recording, email and chat transcripts
  • Add dispositions and notes
  • Handle Commitments

Data Memorialization

CXone data is automatically stored in ServiceNow

  • Automatic data memorialization
  • Link contacts to ServiceNow objects
  • Display contact data in ServiceNow
  • Customize ServiceNow reporting

Screen pop Management

Customize the display of data for agents

  • Perform screen pops on any ServiceNow object
  • Pop specific ServiceNow information for your agents
  • Create Dynamic urls through script calculations


Start using the Skybox integrated eXperience today!


Download the SiX Agent from the ServiceNow Store


Install and Configure the SiX Agent


Configure API Access in the Contact Center


Activate your Trial and Assign Users Licenses