All your Contact Center data at your fingertips.

SkyData is a MYSQL database containing call center data retrieved from the NICE CXone system.  Every 10 minutes SkyData collects various NICE CXone call center data.  This data is merged into a MYSQL database where an analyst can easily access and generate various reports.  Because the data is no more than 10 minutes old, a very good representation of what is going on in the call center can be seen.  Also, since the data is constantly being added to the database, historical data is also easily obtained.


Start using SkyData today!


Create an API Application in your Business Unit and give access to all APIs


Create a user that has Admin access to your Business Unit


Contact Skybox Communications to set up your database


Follow the easy steps below to configure your connection

  • $750
    per month
  • Agents, States, Contacts, Skills, and more
  • Easy to access MySQL database on AWS
  • No annual contract
  • Billed month-to-month
  • You can cancel anytime

Tables Included

Agent – A list of all user/agents created within the business unit. Additional      data   is provided associated with the agent. (e.g. email address, team ID, reporting supervisor, etc.)

Agent_State_Log – A table consisting of the various activities each agent has gone through while logged into the system. This table contains such things as Agent Name, Start/end times, Working time, Available time, Outstate, duration, etc. This is similar to the Data Download 350083 report. Because of the size of this table, the data only goes back for the past 2 weeks.

Agent_State_Summary_By_Hour – This table is a summary of the Agent_State_Log taken over an hourly period. Very helpful in analyzing agents performance.

Agent_Summary_By_Day – This table summarizes the agents activity over the total day. This table contains such items as Agent name, Inbound/outbound counts, unavailable/outbound/ACD/total times, etc.) This is similar to the Data Download 30 report.

Agent_TimeCard – This table consists of the agent’s login/logout times during a given week. Values provided are: Agent Name, Login/logout times, duration, weekNo.

Campaign – This table is a list of all campaigns defined.

Contact_Custom_Data – This table is the collection of all the custom data elements generated during processing of a call. This is similar to the Data Download 2 report.

Contact_Detail – This table is the most comprehensive table consisting of every inbound/outbound call that was generated. The table consists of 42 separate data elements used in definiting a call. These data items call disposition, queue/Hold/call/abandon/start/end/ACW times, Contact_Id, etc. This table is an extension of the Data Download 350048 report.

Disposition – This table is a list of all Dispositions defined for the Business unit.

Point_Of_Contact – A table listing all the points of contact defined for the business unit. The table consists of such elements as, Contact_Code, description, Default skill, Associated script, media type, inbound/outbound, etc).

Skill – A table listing all the Skills within the Business unit. Besides Skill name, items like, Media Type, Campaign, inbound/outbound, priority, use ACW, use Disposition, Associated Hours of Operation, Secondary disposition,etc.

Team – A table listing all the teams within the business unit. It consists of elements like, Team name, notes, Agent count, description, etc.



Download Driver

Download & Install the standard MySQL ODBC driver to access the data.

Configure Connection

Create an ODBC connection using the following information
  • TCP/IP Server:
  • Port: 3306

Select Database

Select the only database available  

Select Timezone

Hit Details to bring up the advanced options.  Enter a set TImezone command in the initial statement area.  This will set all of the dates you retrieve to the correct timezone.  For example, SET time_zone = 'America/New_York';