Get 5 Free Licenses

The SiX product comes with 5 free licenses. Anything above 5 requires a contract with your contact center provider. If a direct contract with Skybox Communications is required, please send us an email.


Access the SiX License Manager Screen

Access the Six License Manager


Click the Register Button


Enter CXone Credentials

Under your CXone credentials in the Username and Password fields.


Enter CXone Business Unit Number

Under your CXone Business Unit Number only.  This can be found in the CXone Administration application under ACD -> Business Units.


*Salesforce ONLY* Enter Salesforce Org IDs

This is only required if SiX will be running as an embedded agent inside of Salesforce.  For security reasons, the Salesforce Org ID will be used to validate the users.  If multiple Salesforce Org IDs are needed they can be entered and separated by commas.


Central Platform Checkbox

The Central Platform is a legacy version of the CXone Platform.  You can determine this by going to the Admin section in CXone and if you see a Users and Security Profiles sections on the left, you are on the Central Platform.

If you check the checkbox, you are required to enter your API information in Step 8.


FedRamp Checkbox

If you are on a FedRamp cluster, you must check this box.


*Central Platform ONLY* Enter API Information

For Central users, use the API information that will be set up in the Setting Up APIs in CXOne Central section.


Click Register Button