Starting A Trial License


Click the Register Button On Login Screen


CXone Business Unit Checkbox

CXone is the newest version of the Contact Center.  You can tell that you're on  CXone if you navigate to your Admin section and the url looks like this:  Also, CXone has an Employee option that Central does not display.

If you check the checkbox, the next step can be skipped.  Only Central users are required to enter their API information.


Enter API Information

For Central users, use the API information that was set up in the Setting Up API Access section along with your Contact Center username and password.


Enter Salesforce Org IDs

This is only required if SiX will be running as an embedded agent inside of Salesforce.  For security reasons, the Salesforce Org ID will be used to validate the users.  If multiple Salesforce Org IDs are needed they can be entered and separated by commas.


Click Register Button


Begin Your Trail

A trial license will be set up for the Business Unit with 5 licenses for 30 days.  The registering user will automatically take up 1 of the licenses and be set with Admin and Can Grant checked.