Log In Options

The SiX License Console offers 3 ways to log in.  The CXone Login Flow uses the same login flow as the CXone Contact Center admin screen.  The Studio Login Flow lets you copy the authorization token from within the CXone admin screen.  The SiX Agent Login Flow alows your to log in directly from the SiX Agent.


CXone Login Flow

Click on the CXone button, or if you have a FedRamp cluster, the CXone - Gov button.  This will pop out a CXone log in screen.  Follow the login process using username/password, SSO, or MFA depending on your configuration in CXone.

For SSO to work, it MUST be configured as SP initiated in your IDP.  To test this, go to https://cxone.niceincontact.com/ and attempt to log in from there.  If it fails, your IDP is not set up as SP initiated.


Studio Login Flow

If you are already logged into the CXone Contact Center, you can use your current authentication token to log into the License Console.  From the CXone Contact Center, click the Applications icon on the top left and select Studio Authentication.  When the alert displays, click OK.  Next click on the Use Studio Token link on the License Console.


SiX Agent Login Flow

If you are already logged in to the SiX Agent and are configured as an Admin use in the License Console, you can navigate to the Settings tab and click the cog icon on the top right to log directly into the License Console using the same authentication token.