Event Actions

Event actions are events that an be sent to a CRM based on specific actions in the SiX Agent.  Typically, these are used for integration in non ServiceNow CRMs.

Supported Event Types:

Phone Log - Fires on the completion of a contact.

Further criteria can be added to only fire events based on Contact Type, Contact Sub Type, Contact Direction, Skill, and Team.

Each Event Action requires a Mapping to be attached.  To use a template mapping for Salesforce, click the ADD SFDC MAPPING link.

Supported Mapping Types:

Create Object - Tells CRM to insert the object into the CRM.  An example would be creating a Task in Salesforce for every call.

Screen Pop - This type sends a Screen Pop url to the CRM.

Flow - This type sends data to run a flow.  This is used for Salesforce Flows.

Mapping Parameters:

Mapping parameters are a list of name/value pairs for each Mapping Type that will be sent in the event payload.  Dynamic values can be added to the values by clicking the plus icon in the Value field.

The dynamic values available are:

CRM Agent ID - CRM user id.
Agent Name - CXone agent name who received the contact.
CXone Agent ID - CXone agent id who received the contact.
Call Direction - Inbound or Outbound
Chat Transcript - CXone Chat transcription.
Comments - Comments populated on the disposition screen.
CRM Contact - Contact selected on the disposition screen.
CXone Contact ID - CXone contact id.
Contact Type - CXone contact type.  Phone, Email, Voicemail, Chat, Work Item.
Custom Values - Custom values stored in call flow.
Disposition - Disposition selected on disposition screen.
Duration In Seconds - CXone contact duration in seconds.
Email From - CXone email from field.
Email Subject - CXone email subject field.
Email To - CXone email to field.
Email Transcript - CXone email transcript.
End Time - CXone contact end time.  This can be formatted by using a pipe (|) and a supported datetime format from the moment Javascript library.
Interaction - SNOW Interaction number.
Master ID - CXone master contact id.
Phone Number - ANI
Recording URL - CXone recording URL.
Skill ID - CXone skill ID attached to CXone contact.
Skill Name - CXone skill name attached to CXone contact.
Start Time - CXone contact start time.  This can be formatted by using a pipe (|) and a supported datetime format from the moment Javascript library.
Workitem ID - CXone contact work item ID
Workitem Payload - CXone contact work item payload.
Workitem Type - CXone contact work item type.
Tags - CXone tags selected on disposition screen.
CRM Task - Task selected in the disposition screen.