CRM Driven Authentication

CRM Driven Authentication uses a CXone Access Key and Secret to authenticate a CRM user.  The SiX configuration must be set up to tell the embedded agent which CXone user field to authenticate against as well as which CXone domain to use for the authentication process.

CDA Enabled - Set to on for CDA to work.

CDA Agent Field - The field on the CXone user that will match the username in the CRM.  This must be a case sensitive match.

CDA Domain Type - Central and Central Fedramp are legacy platforms.  Userhub and Fedramp are the latest platform types for CXone.  You can determine if you are on Userhub if you log in to the CXone admin screen and the domain on the URL matches one of the domains in the CDA Cluster Type dropdown.

CDA Cluster Type - The cluster type of the CXone Business Unit.  This will be displayed on the URL when you navigate to the Admin section of the CXone Admin screen.  If this is a Central cluster, use the cluster option.