CRM Object Mapping

CRM Object Mapping is used to map custom objects in the ServiceNow environment.  By default, Incidents, Cases, Requests, Users, and Contacts are pre mapped.  If any other objects need to be attached to the CXone call, they need to be mapped.  Note that if any mappings are created, it will override ALL defaults so you must also map any default objects.

When mapping, the Title is the Title of the table, not the Name.  For example you would use User rather than sys_user.  For any Task mapping other than User or Contact, you must supply the name of the field that maps to the User or Contact field.  For example, Incidents have a caller_id field that maps to User.  In addition you need the Name of the table you are referencing as the User or Contact field.

Example of a proper mapping:

Title: Case
Contact Column: contact
Contact Table: customer_contact