SNOW Quick Start Guide

Here are the steps to quickly get you up and running with SiX, the Skybox integrated eXperience embedded agent.


Install Skybox CXone CTI from ServiceNow Store

Search for the Skybox CXone CTI application in the ServiceNow store.


Assign ServiceNow Roles

Non admin users in ServiceNow will need to be assigned the appropriate roles to use this application.

  • sn_openframe_user - This gives access to OpenFrame to open communication between ServiceNow and the SiX interface.

  • x_skte_incontactci.user - This gives access to the Skybox CXone CTI application.


Register Your CXone Business Unit

Register your CXone Business Unit to activate the SiX License Manager.

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Determine Your Screenpop

Although screen pops are not a required action, Skybox can configure a basic screen pop of the Contact or User record based on the ANI lookup.  Most likely you will want something more customized to your company and flow.  There are a couple of options and both involve working with your Studio scripts.  Skybox Communications can also be contracted to help with more involved integrations.