Configure Custom Objects

The Skybox integrated eXperience (SiX), by default, supports linking contacts to Incidents, Cases, Requests, Contacts, and Users.  When setting a disposition for a contact in the SiX Agent, you have the option of linking the contact to a ServiceNow Task and/or Contact.  The Six Agent will look for user history up to 5 minutes back from the call's start time.


Change Default History Time

The change the default history look up time from 5 minutes from the start of the call, contact Skybox Communications to modify your configuration.


Add New Task For Linking

To add the ability to link a new Task in the SiX Agent that is not Incidents, Cases, or Requests, contact Skybox Communications to modify your configuration.

You will need to have the following information related to the new Task available.

  • Label - The Label in the table properties

  • Contact Column - The column name related to the contact

  • Contact Table - The contact table name related to the Contact Column

For example the Case Task would have the following information:

  • Label - Case

  • Contact Column - contact

  • Contact Table - customer_contact