Access Data

The Skybox integrated eXperience (SiX) can memorialize your CXone data to a custom table in ServiceNow.  This is not meant to be a replacement for your CXone data but a supplement to ServiceNow to be able to show call history for specific Tasks and smaller reports to show links between ServiceNow Tasks and Contact Center contacts.


Memorializing Contact Center Data

SiX memorializes all call data to a custom ServiceNow table named
x_skte_incontactci_phone_data.  It extends the OpenFrame table named


What Data Is Pushed?

  • agent: Name of CXone agent
  • contact: Name of contact selected on disposition page
  • task: Name of task selected on disposition page
  • call_id: CXone contact ID
  • recording_url: URL to access data specific to contact ID in CXone
  • call_type: incoming/outgoing
  • start_time: Datetime of beginning of call
  • end_time: Datetime of end of call
  • duration: Length of call
  • duration_in_seconds: Length of call in seconds
  • phone_number: Phone number
  • agent_name: CXone agent name
  • call_direction: Inbound/Outbound
  • comment: Comment entered on disposition page
  • disposition: Disposition selected in CXone
  • * Deprecated secondary_disposition: Secondary disposition selected in CXone
  • contact_id: CXone contact ID
  • master_id: CXone master contact ID. This will be different then contact ID on transfers and omni channel escalations
  • skill_name: Skill name of contact
  • ani: Phone number from ( caller id )
  • dnis: Phone number dialed
  • email_from: For email contacts, from address
  • email_to: For email contacts, to address
  • email_subject: For email contacts, subject
  • email_transcript: For email contacts, email transcript
  • workitem_id: For work item contacts, contact ID
  • workitem_payload: For work item contacts, payload
  • workitem_type: For work item contacts, work item type
  • chat_transcript: For chat contacts, chat transcript
  • custom_value1: Custom values attached to contact in IVR
  • tags: List of CXone Tag IDs applied to contact
  • commitment_amount: NOT CURRENTLY USED
  • callback_time: NOT CURRENTLY USED

Access Data In ServiceNow

Navigate to Skybox CXoneCTI -> Phone Logs