Creating Custom Screen Pops

The Skybox integrated eXperience (SiX) offers the ability to add custom screen pops.  This can be virtually any ServiceNow screen that can be accessed via a URL.


Studio Access

In order to configure screen pops in your ServiceNow, you will need access to your CXone scripting via the CXone Studio application.  The screen pop will be configured in the IVR.  SiX Agent supports 2 different methods of passing a screen pop URL to ServiceNow.

RunApp - This action would be placed in the OnAnswer branch of your queue script.  The ActionType needs to be set to OpenURL.

Reqagent - By setting the ScreenPopURL property.


URL Format

The URL passed for the Screen Pop must be the correct format for the SiX Agent to be able to parse it and send it to ServiceNow. A hint would be to log in to your ServiceNow instance and navigate to a screen that you would want to pop. Copy that URL as a starting point.

The SiX Agent expects the in the URL as well as the <page>.do or <page> for the page you want to pop. For example: will pop an incident form.  It is ok to include URL Encoding as the SiX Agent will interpret it when sending the URL to ServiceNow.

Example URLs in Standard View